Ideas for Individuals and Businesses

This section will offer ideas for individuals, families and for businesses that would like to better serve this aging Boomer Generation. I can’t make a distinction between these groups because it is the nature of ideas to generate other ideas: something I recommend for an individual or family might very well be picked up by an entrepreneur and turned into a business.

So let’s start with the original idea that my wife had regarding adult diapers. Brought up, as most of us were, in a culture that admires self-control the reality of leaky plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the faucet for the garden hose is a realty that must be changed. Fix it. Ah, yes, Fix It. We bring that mentality to bear on all problems all the time. We are famous for wanting to FIX IT.

But there are only so many times you want to bring yourself into the repair shop to have your knees repaired, or you back, or your wrists or anything else that plagues you. After a while you choose the slow moving pain and discomfort over the cutting and sewing of the surgeon seamstresses that do such remarkable work.

Leaky plumbing is an embarrassment. It is for children whose bedwetting keeps them home from overnight visits; it is for us oldies trying to get from one rest stop to another. And so the adult diaper was born.  And not too long after it found it’s way to t.v. advertising it triggered the following idea in my wife’s brain.

“Boomers aren’t going to buy those damn dull diapers. They will want something with pizazz. Let’s make something flashy with color and call them “Stripee Dipes.”

Well, we are not going into the diaper business, not for infants, not for young children, not for aging adults. But maybe someone reading this will take up the challenge and bring some comic relief to what is in realty a silly and bothersome situation; but certainly not shameful.

Now for individuals and families facing this situation, let me recommend the following initiative while waiting for someone else to turn this into a business opportunity. Right now, google “stickers”  and you will find a number of firms that make all sorts of stickers that you can use to dress up those bland diapers. There are political cartoons if that tickles your imagination, there are slogans, there are any number of ready mades that you can use. You can even design your own, and to my way of thinking, that would be a great way to spend some family time. I mean it. Get together and change the notion of diaper to dapper. Ideas are meant to be re-arranged.


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