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As a member of the almost forgotten “Beat Generation” much of my life has involved looking over my shoulder at the center stage generation that followed me like a heard of younger brothers and sisters. That generation appeared as a baby boom generation, the product of warrior men and women delighted to have something more fun to do than fight.  It was named by less than brilliant social commentators “the Boomer” generation; and boom, boom, boom they have.

I married one of that breed, happily for me, and now in my retirement she encourages me to write poetry and blog and keep busily out of her way as she earns the living that allows me this luxury.

As we have watched the t.v. ads speaking to her generation (mine are diminishing in numbers, and if true to our origins would not be interested in most of what is being sold) we were both struck by the colorless, humorless presentation. That is the foundational motivation for this work; to bring some sense and non-sense to this experience of aging with all it’s promises, both wonderful and dreadful.

By the way, the name for this effort was her idea. It emerged over conversations, fittingly enough, in response to the advertising for adult diapers. We couldn’t stand them and she came up with the idea of our going into the adult diaper business and calling our product Stripee  Dipes and designing a variety of colorful diapers to shield, not only what they are designed to shield, but against the embarrassment and shame that seems to stalk us as we age into fragility.

Well, I’m not really interested in going back into the world of traditional business and while I hope to turn a few dollars my way via this site, it’s not going to be as a manufacturer or distributor of products. On the other hand, my family enjoys a standing joke (why not a sitting or lying down joke?) whenever I say (which is often) “I have an idea.” So on another page you can find some of those ideas and if they happen to fit what you do, use them. I won’t charge you, or come back and demand some kind of “intellectual property rights”.  But if you want to send something of value, verbal praise or gifts, or dollars, certainly, follow that impulse. More on that in the other section.

1 Response to About Us

  1. Stan: So pleased to hear about this project. This first recommendation of a film related to aging is a documentary film entitled “Consider the Conversation.” You can learn more about the film as well as the organization that uses it as a platform for discussion at

    You can find a review of the film my Barbara Coombs Lee, President of Compassion and Choices, on the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/barbara-coombs-lee/consider-the-conversation-_b_1003435.html

    In my professional life as an attorney and bioethicist, I have long been interested in the myriad of issues that are lumped together as issues of “aging”. Most of the dialogue surrounds questions related to end of life decision-making and choices about death. Those are no doubt fascinating, difficult and emotional dialogues and I continue to be interested in partaking of them.

    With pleasure, it sounds to me that your intention is to expand the conversation to include issues more related to how we live with the aging process and what aging might offer us in positive ways if we could just get over being pissed off and surprised at the predicament in which we find ourselves. In my personal life as an aging baby boomer who assumed a destiny of no less than 100 percent of everything including personal fulfillment, I look forward to participating in your conversation and thank you for the opportunity.

    Enough for now. I think this might be the first time I have commented on a blog if this is indeed what I have done.


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