Back to Basics

I am writing this blog, on this site, after a very long time. Two other blogs, and family life (happily), and a natural inclination to mistake having an idea for actually doing something, have conspired to make it so. Ah, well….
A day or so ago, they seem more frequently to cluster indifferently, my wife and I were taking turns pretending to play tennis with our five year old grandson. I go to the gym regularly, my 77 year old body is in pretty good shape, so I was surprised to find myself stumbling, missing the ball right in front of my racket, and feeling the racket itself seem to be gaining weight with each swing at empty air.
I remembered a conversation with my doctor seven years ago. I was explaining that I wasn’t quite sure what kind of bodily symptoms were worth visiting her about. Maybe they were just related (kissing cousins?) to my age. I didn’t know how to tell the difference.
“that’s because you haven’t been 70 before,” she said.
Of course, that was the heart of the matter. None of us is ever really prepared for the next stage of life. Going from Elementary school to Junior High (or Middle school, the current designation); nor from that experience, once mastered, on to High School, let alone the leap into the stratosphere of college or work. But each of those stages was readied for with some sense of eager anticipation. Its not quite the same this time.
When I began this blog site some years ago it was with more ego centric ambition than common sense. I have returned to it without ambition, but with interest, an interest to discover and uncover myself during this phase of my life. And I hope that any casual visitor will find the moment or two they take to be here with me, worth their time.

About Stanley S. Smith

Psychodramatist,teacher, trainer, and life coach specializing in situational change. My professional biography is available at
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