The Separation

The Separation, winner of the foreign films Academy Awards for Foreign films is without a doubt the best movie I’ve seen in years. And in terms of speaking to aging and what that process can do to a family it probably the most realistic, touching and suspenseful piece of work I’ve ever seen.

Interestingly while the Descendants presents the problems faced my a family man when he discovers that his comatose wife has been having an affair, The Separation presents the problems encountered in caring for an aging parent captured by dementia.

In both cases the children do what they can to help the adults make sense of the situation, and to function in it. But we are always stuck in our own DNA and habits and triggers and when they don’t align with each other the Drama ensues.

I found both films worth seeing; but The Separation is more layered with the complexity of life, the complexity that we often wish could be simplified into “love conquers all”.  Closer to the truth is that love does not conquer; it may shine light; it may bring warmth; but it cannot live alone.

About Stanley S. Smith

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