In the Beginning

In the beginning: the wonderful way all stories start. With or without those particular words, that is the way they start. “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep…..”

We read our way into the story in front of us, and I would say, we live our way into the story of our life. Of course at one age or another we learn that all stories, including our own, end.

This combination of pages will be devoted to engaging this reality with a sense of good humor. There is only one way out of old age. Facing that reality we construct out of our experiences something to believe about it, something that makes some kind of sense out of it.

I want us to make sense out of the end game leading up to the cessation of our lives as we know them.  And I guess I’ve always believed that humor helps us do that.

About Stanley S. Smith

Psychodramatist,teacher, trainer, and life coach specializing in situational change. My professional biography is available at
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2 Responses to In the Beginning

  1. I am here, dear friend, on Fire Island – a most magical place where my wise and lovely younger sister shares a retreat with her husband Evan. I literally walked of the ferry with my mate into a dream as if I was a child guided my Mary Poppins. oh that I was too lazy to write down all my contemplations of this week. One,,however, continues to stay with me. Either in my transition to , or after arrival in my next space, I have endless days in which to walk along a beach with the ocean sounds and cool breezes. Kids play in the sand,tearing in and out of the ocean. Adults snooze or laugh with old friends. Every so often an old friend walks awhile with me and we talk about this or that. everyone I have ever known is here somewhere and we talk or just stand with our feet in the ocean and the sun on our faces. No skin cancer here. We can even smoke cigarettes again. I might choose to wear my 20 year old body and don a bikini to enjoy making heads turn. I may go as I am now, enjoying the cloak of invisibility that comes with my age. We can listen to all the beautiful music we have ever loved and dance whenever we want as we watch red and coral sunsets, drink martinis and wake up to the smell so strong coffee.

    • Stanley S. Smith says:

      Thank you dear heart….Let’s talk about you doing a blog, or sharing this one…lough( the merger of love and laughter) to all of you…..stan

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